Big Baroque Studs
Big Baroque Studs
Big Baroque Studs
Big Baroque Studs
Big Baroque Studs
Big Baroque Studs
Big Baroque Studs

Big Baroque Studs

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Big, Bigger, Big Baroque Studs: An impressive eye-catcher

The 14k yellow gold is recycled and waterproof. Suitable for allergy sufferers.


  • 14K Yellow Gold Studs
  • Baroque Pearl - ca. 2,2cm x 1,8cm x 1,3cm

The big Baroque Pearl is a real statement. Bulbous but elegant. Every pearl is an impressive and unique. These earrings are perfect for self confident, stylish women that like it a little bit extra. The simpler the outfit, the more these studs shine. These earrings definitely have favorite piece potential.

Head over to our gemstones & pearls page for more about our freshwater pearls.

Check out our Care Guide for details on how to care for your genuine gold pieces.

Here is information on our production and the origin of our products if you would like to find out more. 

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Sustainability Facts

Made in Germany

Recyceltes Silber und Gold

Perlen und Edelsteine aus Familienunternehmen

Lies LLR Studios's entire story

Organische, lieblich geschwungene Barockperlen treffen auf geradlinige, kühle Gliederketten. Alles erschaffen in familiärer Handarbeit.

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