Tule Woven Piggy Bag

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The Tule Woven Pig Bag is a true artisanal miracle and will bring a unique touch to any outfit. It is handcrafted with a complex, ancient knotting technique and can take the artisan up to 2-3 days to finish. The bag is made of the environmentally-friendly material tule, naturally and locally grown at the shores of Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacán.

We have designed this collection together with Adrián Morales, who was born and raised in the Purepecha community. He now owns her own family-based mimbre workshop in Michoacán.


The 3% reduction from the German VAT of this product will be donated to improve our artisan's standard of living.


Germany: 1-3 working days
Rest of Europe: 4-6 working days
Worldwide: 8-10 working days (Due to COVID-19 it might take up to 30 days)


Fairly Handcrafted in Mexico


Made with naturally and locally grown tule (Natural Fiber)



Technique: Knot weaving


Measurements: 20x20x16 cm


We want to preserve traditional Mexican craftsmanship in a modern world. Therefore, we fight for fair working conditions and use natural, organic metals as much as possible. But check for yourself. Every CANO Crafts item comes with a QR code verified by retraced, scan it to get to know the supply chain and all the people behind its production.


THIS PIECE WAS MADE BY Artesanías Tona-Mich


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