Bébé Ring Silver
Bébé Ring Silver
Bébé Ring Silver

Bébé Ring Silver

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Das sagt die Brand über ihr Produkt

Our Bébé Ring is a timeless symbol for the bond between you and your child(ren). Nove has created the Bébé ring to complement the Maman Ring. Staple them together for a graceful and touching look. 

The Bébé Ring also makes a beautiful gift for a mother. Please get in touch for any personalization. 

Every Bébé Ring is made just for you. Therefore the delivery time is between 10 and 14 days.



  • 925 Fair Trade Silver
  • Handmade in the South of Germany



Please only clean the ring when visibly necessary. Soak in lukewarm water, add a mild soap if needed, and dry thoroughly. To sanitize, rub alcohol over the ring with a soft cloth.



Please find our ring size guide here or ask a nearby jeweller to measure your correct ring size.

Sustainability Facts

Zeitlose Essentials, die sich dem Körper anpassen

Designed in Berlin, produziert in Europa

Capsule Collection, deren Teile perfekt kombinierbar sind

Lies Nove's entire story

Nove definiert die Idee der Umstandskleidung neu, indem das Label Kollektionen designed, die vor, während und nach der Schwangerschaft tragbar sind.

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