Tiny Luster Bracelet - Aquamarine
Tiny Luster Bracelet - Aquamarine

Tiny Luster Bracelet - Aquamarine

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LLR Studios x studijo aesthetic


This bracelet is made of freshwater pearls, aquamarine-, and recycled sterling silver thick 18k gold plated elements. A high-quality and strong alloy is particularly important to us for all of our gold-plated products. Suitable for allergy sufferers. 


  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Aquamarine
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 18k Gold Plated 


This special bracelet is a part of our capsule collection created in collaboration with Maike from studijo aesthetic, featuring one of her favorite gemstones- aquamarine. The subtle blue of the gemstone compliments the pearls perfectly. Depending on how you turn it, it creates a different look and highlights a different angle of the bracelet. Pair this with a white T-Shirt and blue jeans for a lovely and simple look.

If you'd like to wear it with the matching necklace, check out our Tiny Luster Chain + Bracelet Set - Aquamarine. 

Sustainability Facts

Made in Germany

Recyceltes Silber und Gold

Perlen und Edelsteine aus Familienunternehmen

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