Cashmere Scarf

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Our beautiful Cashmere Scarves are made from the finest sustainable cashmere. They are all hand woven in a small village in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

The size is perfect to wrap around your shoulders for a day in the home office, a nice autumn walk or as warm cover for your sleeping child when the baby blanket is at home and not in your handbag.



  • 100% Pure Cashmere

  • Size: 35 x 180 cm

  • Colors: Deep Black / Oatmeal

  • Handmade in Germany



Cashmere is one if the finest materials we know. It has amazing self cleaning properties, you might hang it in fresh air to get rid of smells. To ensure durability of your Cashmere Scarf, please dry clean only or hand wash with mild detergent only if necessary.

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