‘Chicita' Handknit Scarf

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A lifelong partnership between man and animal depicted in a divinely soft & hand-knitted scarf.

According to a centuries-old Inca ritual, the young sons of alpaca herders become godparents to two baby alpacas – one female and one male. The sponsorship symbolises the special bond between man and animal. The sons of the alpaca herders are supposed to protect the baby alpacas from predators such as pumas, foxes or even condors and ensure them a happy and healthy life. In return, the baby alpacas will ensure the future livelihood of their godparents with their wool and offspring.

Our certified 100% alpaca wool has been handmade by Mrs Isabelle on a traditional knitting machine in her family workshop in Arequipa, Peru into a divinely soft scarf.

Gentle on your skin and kind to the environment. Alpaca wool is the perfect choice for any season due to its wonderful ability to not only warm you but also cool you down.

Limited edition artwork from Cusco, Peru. Only 65 pieces will be made by Mrs. Isabelle.

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